About us

The GIS Unit in the Office of the Premier (OTP) was formally established in 2004 after the Executive Council (EXCO) Decisions 10/2004 and 70/2004. These decisions committed the Limpopo Provincial Government to ensure the establishment and usage of integrated and accessible information management system/GIS to be coordinated by the Office of the Premier.

Much emphasis was also laid on the prioritization of the establishment of GIS capacity within all departments and municipalities. The underlying reasons for these strategic decisions were due to the realization by EXCO that GIS is fundamental for planning and informed decision-making, and that it is be important in raising the institutional efficiency of the provincial government. In implementing these decisions.

The OTP set aside a budget for the establishment of the GIS Unit as well as the procurement of the necessary infrastructure (Hardware, software, data, etc.). Central to the mandate given to the GIS Unit is the coordination of the establishment of the enterprise GIS for Limpopo, and to ensure that the provincial government uses GIS for planning and decision-making.

This GIS Web portal is intended to extend the vision of accessible spatial information in Limpopo Province.